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We take a unique focus on Patterns, pattern making and sewing!


  • Virtual - carried out, accessed, or stored by means of a computer, especially over a network. "a virtual library"
  • ON DEMAND allow access to this material when and where needed once they can access the internet
  • EVERGREEN- instructional are sewing instructional that lasts forever. Evergreen content is updated on a frequent basis. It is our intent that the Product segments and strategies stay relevant!
  • INTERACTIVE- learn by doing - Interactive learning Involves the input of users. Tthis intensive has been improved by questions asked, suggestions made
  • LIVE

About the creator
Bonnie Sandy started sewing at 12 at by 14 she was manipulating her sloper into garments, she started selling her design in high school, opened her first store at 20 and planned her first trade show at 21, by 24 she'd completed her FIT Training specializing in knitwear design and moved on to apprentice with a Leather goods designer in NY's East Village, A bridal designer using English Techniques and a Greek Dress Maker. She specializes in FIT and since she starting selling the clothing she made to others she has accumulated over 34 years of CREATING designs patterns and surface embellishments. Ms Sandy's sessions puts 40 Plus years of sewing, Crafting, Patternmaking, Draping and Surface design directly into your workshops or studio. Her techniques are are a hybrid of various methods, crafted for fit and simplified for execution. The technique taught here focus on ZERO WASTE production.

An advocate for #Tech, #Diversity, #Culture, #Community, and #Commerce, Bonnie Sandy is highly accomplished across multiple industries including fashion, technology and entrepreneurship. Her expertise and passion involves exploring how emerging technology and new media tools and protocols can be integrated in the fashion industry; how Culture can be leveraged for communications within Community; and how technology, directly and indirectly, affects how we can not only leverage our natural resources to earn income while building sustainable generational businesses that appropriately address and specific requirements of Commerce.

Sew Shirley's is her promise to teach others what she has learned and developed.

About Intensives and instructional
We encourage you to use the info in the Instructional to create GARMENTS and ACCESSORIES FOR SALE. Ms Sandy and reserve all commercial right on the video, text and any audio associated with the instructional.